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Company History

With over 20 years of experience, Selectrite Hardware is a family run business and is the only UK manufacturer of British made fire door coordinators. We are part of a long tradition of British manufacturing, using UK sourced materials and working in conjunction with various government organisations to provide high quality certified products that are distributed around the world.

Over that time the reputation of our MK2 and MK1 door coordinators has continually grown, as has our reputation for having a quality product that does exactly what it is supposed to do, protect people from fire. Our products are manufactured to high standards by a company that is trusted, easy to work with and that cares about its customers.

Producing any safety product cannot be taken lightly.  Our commitment to the maintenance of UL (North America & Canada), IFC  fire testing and CE (European) certifications reinforce our focus on quality – making sure that our door coordinators work every time and meet all the required standards.

The MK2 Selector is specifically designed and certified for use in fire doors.  But if you just need make sure that wooden (non-fire doors) close properly then the MK1 Selector provides a cost effective way of making sure that happens - every time.

“Ensured that all the doors on our projects work effectively, with confidence that quality is maintained.”