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DISTRIBUTORSSelectrite fire saftey products are primarily supplied through our distributer network and are available worldwide.  We work closely with our distributors, to make sure that customer’s orders are delivered where and when they need them.

Working with a new supplier can be a step into the unknown; making any associated spend feel risky. But if, like Selectrite, that supplier is highly skilled, brings a depth of experience, and can prove their ability to provide reliable products, then working together is a much more secure prospect – and an efficient way of meeting your customers needs.

Commercial Sense & Branding Support

We provide our distributors with marketing material for our products, making it quick, easy and inexpensive to include them in your catalogue – be that via a website or printed brochure. To support this Selectrite can provide products without our name on them, in custom packaging, so that you can maintain your brand consistency.  And the good news is, even when provided under another supplier’s name, our products can still retain and display their UL and CE Certifications.

Trusted Supplier

We understand that our distributors work in competitive markets and need strong products and a reliable service to support their offer to customers and we also appreciate you have a choice. However our track record of working with some distributors for more than 20 years demonstrates our commitment to meeting your needs.


For our distributors, your reputation and your ability to deliver as promised to your customers, is important – which means you depend on relaible communication from your suppliers.

At Selectrite we don’t just focus on reliable products, but also on being a trusted supplier to our distributors:

  • keeping you informed
  • answering questions
  • discussing special requirements
  • confirming orders
  • ensuring products are delivered where and when you need them 


To find a distributor of Selectrite products contact us today!