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Door Closer - 9000

The 9000 overhead door closer range offers a choice of two closers, each available with either a radius or square cover, all with the unique high efficiency cam and roller action making them suitable where the Equality Act is a consideration. The selectable power size 3/4 offers the option of backcheck, whereas the adjustable power size 2-5 has a choice of standard, backcheck, delayed action or backcheck with delayed action. Alternatively there is the selectable power size 2/3/4 which offers magnetic hold open. The magnetic hold open is activated at any angle above 70˚ up to a maximum of 165˚, and the door simply stays in position. The hold open is disengaged by a slight pull on the door.

All closers are supplied as standard with a matching adjustable arm, and there is also the option of having a hold open arm. All Exidor closers come with universal fitting and are supplied with brackets for fig 1, fig 61 and fig 66 fixing.

9000 Series Round Cover

Supporting Downloads

Certificate of Compliance  - 251kb PDF download

Certificate of Constancy of Performance  - 58kb PDF download

Certificate of Approval - 485kb PDF download

9000 Series Overhead Door Closer - 84kb PDF download