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Questions & Answers

What makes the MK2 Door Coordinator fire regulated?

The MK2 fire door coordinator has a surface mounted rebate catch, therefore, it doesn't damage the doors frame and can be used on any door material. Whereas the MK1 uses a tubular rebate that is installed into the structure of the door frame and so it is unable to be CE, UL or fire tested.

What is the coordinator rebate catch for?

The rebate block must be fitted to ensure that the 2nd closing door with the rebate block on goes beyond the end of the arm on the body. If the rebate block is not fitted the CE mark and UL listing will become invalidated and the product will not be suitable for fire doors.

Can the coordinator be used with panic bars?

Yes, our door coordinators can be used with panic bars however the panic bars have to be positioned correctly to accommodate the door coordinator. We would always encourage getting in contact if you are unsure with any relevant drawings.


Best Practice Guides

Door Coordinator Guide - BS EN 1158: 1997 + A1:2003
Door Closer Devices - BS EN 1154:1997 + A1:2003

What is the average lead time for an order?

This will vary depending on the finish you order the door coordinators in. For silver anodised and satin stainless steel finishes we work on a 3-4 day lead time. Maximum of 10 working days for all other finishes..

How can I become a registered distributor?

Please either contact us via telephone or email to arrange for your account to be set up on +441926 259307 or email Credit checks are needed before setting up new accounts.