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MK2 - Fire Door Coordinator


Suitable for metal,steel & timber doors - Fire Door Certified

The MK2 Door Coordinator also known as a selector, ensures that a pair of double doors will always shut in the correct sequence regardless of which door is opened first. If the double doors do not shut in the correct sequence they will not close in the middle.

The MK2 can be used on timber/metal/steel fire and non-fire regulated door sets. 

The types of doors MK2's are specified on are:

  •  Fire regulated and non-fire regulated door sets
  •  Rebated Doors
  •  Flush doors with security astragals
  •  Escape doors with a vertical rod device and horizonal rim exit device
  •  Flush doors that are used with a mortice lock/latch
  •  Flush doors with automatic flush bolts

Our MK2 door coordinator is tested in accordance with:

  • UL10B (North America) UL10C (Canada)
  • Full CE classification to European standard BS EN1158:1997 
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade Two for North America and Canada
  • IFC fire testing


  • British-made
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Custom packaging available 
  • Quality and Fire Certification (CE, UL and ANSI)
  • Smart and discrete product (15cm x 10cm)
  • Easy to fit and low maintenance 
  • Efficient Delivery (International Available)
  • 12 month guarantee


All standard MK2 Door Coordinators include:

  • Body with detatchable 102mm arm (longer arms available)
  • Standard surface mounted rebate catch
  • Lift Arm
  • Impact plates and fixing screws
  • Full fixing instructions

Standard MK2 suitable for dimensions:

  • Weight of door: Up to 120 kgs
  • Door closer size: 3-5
  • Width of each leaf: Min. 700mm – Max. 1000mm
  • Door Thickness: Min. 38mm – Max. 58mm
  • Rebate: Max. 25mm 

For doors above standard dimensions:

  • 152mm & 202mm arms 
  • Extended Rebates 

Colour variants:

Satin Stainless Steel

Silver Anodised

Black Anodised
Black Anodised
Gold Anodised
Gold Anodised
Polished Chrome
Polished Chrome
Grey Anodised
Grey Anodised
White Anodised
White Anodised
Antique Bronze
Antique Bronze